Drunk on the Moon Books Two And Three

When a full moon fills the night sky, P I Roman Dalton becomes a werewolf and prowls the dark streets of the city battling creatures of evil. 

Paul D Brazill, created and kicked of the series in a top class fashion, following hotly on his heals are two new instalments Fear The Night by Julia Madeleine and The Darke Affair by Allan Leverone.  

Paul D. Brazill’s kicked this series off with bang, I raved about it here.  Yes I loved it that much, a hard act to follow. However  both Julia and Allan handle themselves extremely well, if I was them I’d be shitting bricks, Paul knows how to fashion a short story into satisfying and enjoyable read.  Both of them step up to plate and hit a pair of cracking home runs.  

In fear the night our world weary P I goes to Canada, in search of a missing girl, only to find that there is some rotten in the state of Quebec.   Julia’s tale is a fast paced story that builds on the foundations laid down by Paul, a great second chapter in series. Julia’s fight scenes are a joy to read and like Paul has a gift for some briiliant dialouge 

“Stupid zombies. God, I hated the fuckers. And stripper zombies? They were the worst.” 

In Fear The Darke, Alan introduces us to Agent Darke a mysterious Fed who has come to town to investigate the strange going ons.  Unfortunately he gets caught up in the ongoing feud from book one. So it’s up to our hero and his ex partner to bust him out.  The introduction of Agent Darke adds an extra layer to the story, hopefully we haven’t seen the last of him.  

Like the other two entries this one is littered with some great one liners, 

” business had been as dry as a ninety year old nun in the Sahara, but instead kept my mouth shut.”

This is another damn fine story. 

I’m not sure how these books are written and how much editorial control Paul exercises over them, but he has found two great writers that have done his characters proud.  

Drunk On The Moon is quickly becoming one of my all time favourite series, by these books they are brilliant. 





6 thoughts on “Drunk on the Moon Books Two And Three

  1. Hey Ginger, thanks very much for the kind words…I'll be honest with you, I WAS shitting bricks when I sent the story to Paul because I had enjoyed the original so much and didn't want to do a disservice to him or his creation. I felt a LOT better when he told me he was pleased…Thanks again for taking the time to read and review both stories – I know I'm excited to see what comes next, from B.R. Stateham…

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