The House On Mayberry Road

‘A house not only haunted by spirits but infested with beings beyond the limits of human imagination’

When four adventurous teenagers go to investigate the supposed ‘haunted house’ out on Mayberry Road, they get more than they‘d bargained for. One boy ends up dead, two others psychotic, and another comatose. The house is not just haunted, it is somehow alive. And extremely dangerous. 

This is the Troy McCombs début novel, and in it Troy wears his influences right on the sleeve.  This is a great and at times fascinating love letter to H P Lovecraft.  With books like this there is always a danger that the author falls into the trap of imitation.  This however is not the case here, Troy has his own voice and style of writing, that elevates this story from a mere pastiche, into his own variation on the Lovecraft mythos.

Overall this is a very good story, with some very good writing on display.  Troy holds the readers interest throughout the narrative, however at times  I felt the book needed a more judicial use of the editors pen.  Don’t let that put you off reading this book, it is well written, exciting and will keep you entertained right up until the end.  In fact this book is better written than some by so called experienced writers.


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