Brit Grit By Paul D Brazill

I’ve got to admit that I’ve not really read that much crime fiction, certainly when compared to horror, and fantasy.  Probably because I never know who to read, you go into any book shop and the shelf space devoted to crime makes my eyes head hurt.  I have a hard enough time deciding on which pair of boxers to wear, and I only own two pairs.

Five months ago I was introduced to the phenomenon  that is Paul D Brazill, when I interviewed him for this blog.  It was  only after doing the interview that I realised I had read some of his stuff before, thanks to the excellent Needle Magazine.

   So five months later I pick up this collection of Paul’s short stories and flash fiction.  Regular readers will know that I’m not a huge, huge fan of short stories, and as for flash fiction, er OK.

Brit Grit, collects nine of Paul’s stories all for the rather spiffy price of 99c or 86p. Now I’m sure many of you out there are already familiar with Paul’s writing, and already know just how good a writer he is.  These nine stories, all deliver top notch writing.   I’ve always thought that it’s harder to writing a short story that has a satisfying conclusion than a novel length story, so the fact that even the flash fiction tales here deliver is a credit to Paul’s writing skill.

The opening story,  Guns of Brixton (bonus points for referencing a Clash song)  is a brilliant opener, whose ending will have you chuckling out loud,  In fact that is one of the strong points about Paul’s writing, running through these tales of low lifes, scum, blood sweat and murder there is a wickedly sardonic line of humour.   For some reason I couldn’t help myself from liking even the most objectionable protagonist of these stories

I had a great time reading this collection and wouldn’t hesitate recommending it.  If this is how good British Noir can be, then I need to get myself better acquainted.   
This is an excellent sampler of the huge talent that Paul has at his disposal.  Buy it, read it, love it then track down the rest of his stuff.  I would recommend trying Drunk on The Moon next.


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