The Eighth Black Book Of Horror

In real life I’m very rarely late to the party, mainly because I’m never invited.  So I was honoured to snag an ARC of the latest edition of The Black Book of Horror.  A party that I’m seven editions late for.  Those of you in the know, are already aware of this excellent series of of short horror fiction.  I however, must hang my head in shame and say that up until now I have never even held a copy let alone read one.  After reading this amazing anthology, I’m left with one big realisation,  I’m going to have to blow my book buying budget for next month getting the previous seven editions of this series.  

This anthology, edited by Charles Black, brings together some of the finest talents in modern day horror fiction, to produce an extremely enjoyable read.  Some of the authors here I was familiar with, others a had heard of and a couple of them were new to me.    Each and everyone of them has handed in a first class story,  that captures the essence of what a good short story should be.  From the opening story Quieta Non Movre by  Reggie Oliver a nice take on an M R James type story to Thana Niveau’s tale of revenge gone wrong, the level of story telling here is first class.  

For me there were a number of stand out stories, David A Rileys The Last Coach Trip, is a moving and poignant  tale about a group of OAP’S last ever trip to the races.  The two main protagonists Eddie and Harlod reminded me of the two old guyds who live in my street. 

Boys Will Be Boys by David Williamson,features a very gifted and very scary young boy, and the finale will have you cringing as the child acts on his jealousy. 

Tok by Paul Finch  is a wonderfully brilliant tale revolving around a series of grizzly  murders at the Bannerwood estate, just what role does Miriam and her frightening doll play in these murders?  This is a great tale that would have made an excellent Hammer film. 

Charles Black has a gift for picking and putting together a great anthology, the stories collected here, play of each other wonderfully.  Together they give the anthology a cohesive feel, that adds to the enjoyment.  This isn’t just a selection of stories thrown together, this is a well thought out collection that showcases a great wealth of writing talent. 

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