The Eyes Of The Dead – G.R. Yeates

Vampires are loose in the trenches of the First World War.

Passchendaele, 1917. Private Reg Wilson is a man with a name but no memories. A soldier who remembers nothing of life before the fighting began. Until he comes to Black Wood, a tainted place that knows him intimately. There, he will discover a darkness buried long ago by time and dust. An appetite that has been awoken by war. A hunger that will feed upon his blood, his regrets and his worst fears. It will show him what he has forgotten. It will show him nightmare made flesh. And, before he dies, it will make him look deep into the eyes of the dead.

Another week, another new author, and another reason to thank Amazon for releasing a Kindle.  Many people are concerned that the rise of E-Publishing will result in the drowning of good writing by the hordes of wannabes.

I say if it wasn’t for the rise of the Kindle I wouldn’t have discovered so many good authors.  Yes there have been some clunkers mixed in, but with the majority of books cheaper than a Sunday Newspaper, I don’t mind.  Hell I’ve read many a clunker in full price paperback format, the only plus side of that is I don’t have to buy loo paper for a week.

Before reading this Yeates, along with his cronies Dean Drinkle and Adrian Chamberlin, were the cause of one of the worst hangovers I have ever had, and I’m sure one of them were the Patient Zero of the viral infection that floored me for over a week.  Now I’m a bitter and petty man I hold grudges like an Aberdonian holds a two pence piece. Yet despite this I found myself loving this story.

Yeates, has an assured writing style, that when combined with a natural storytelling  ability has resulted in a very satisfying novel.   You can tell he has a passion for WW1, the amount of research that has gone on for this novel is outstanding, and it shows on every page.  As a reader you are drawn into the  rat infested muddy trenches  of WW1, you can almost feel yourself getting trench foot as you read this book.

There is a great balance between the horrors of warfare,  and the horror of the supernatural, in this case vampires.   Yes folks I said vampire, but don’t go running away.  These are not your typical run of the mill vampires.  Yeates has done the almost impossible and brought a fresh new spin on the vampire.  It was refreshing to see vampires treated in such a way.

If I had one criticism   of the story, it would be that Yeates occasionally got bogged down, by being a little bit to wordy, but seriously folks this is a minor criticism, that really does not detract from the overall reading experience. There is a great deal of skill full writing on show here. This is the first part of a trilogy, and I for one am eagerly waiting on the next instalment.


2 thoughts on “The Eyes Of The Dead – G.R. Yeates

  1. It does sound interesting (especially with the WWI tie-in). My only question is… are they actually BAD vampires? The only reason I go "running away" anymore when I see a vampire book is because they're all suddenly good guys. I know that even back to Bram Stoker, there were elements of Romance, but I hunger for a return of the purely evil. Also, I'm thinking about next Friday (8/19) for the reprint of the Christopher Golden interview. I'll send you an email here shortly.Paul D. A horror writer's not necessarily horrific blog.

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