I have to apologise to all the readers, followers and authors who have contacted me in the last few weeks.  I  have for the last ten days been floored by what the Dr called a systemic viral infection.  An infection that has completely floored me, I haven’t eaten a thing for almost two weeks, and I  barely have the energy to think let alone type, things are getting better, the swelling all over my body and the pain has gone.

I took on a lot of extra reviews and interviews, based on that fact that during this period of illness I was supposed to be on vacation, and would have loads of time to do them.  I’, afraid that once the ilness is gone I will be straight back to work.  Those reviews and interviews will be done, it will just take a bit longer for me to get caught up on them, so please bear with me folks I’ll try my damndnest to clear the decks as quickly as possible 


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