Every now and then I like to take a punt on new authors, sometimes it pays of sometimes it doesn’t.  Darren was giving away free copies of this book from his blog.  Being a tight fisted Scotsman,my ears pricked up at the mere mention of free.  

I had to read it, if someone is giving away free books and I ask for one I’ll always read it, it’s only fair.  The question on everyone’s lips though is “was it worth reading?”  The short answer to this is Hell Yes!!!!

On Leo’s sixteenth birthday, something bad happened. Something so traumatic his mind fractured, and darkness filled the crack. Twenty years on and the crack is a canyon. The schizophrenic hallucination that once offered sympathy has taken to mocking him, and the memory of that long-ago birthday claws at his darkest fears, overshadowing even the murder of his younger brother Davey. But just when life can’t get any worse… Leo dies.
A demon returns after twenty years.
An angel follows close behind.
Leo is caught in an age-old conflict, his past lying at the dark heart of it all.

That’s all I’m going to say about the plot, yes I know it’s a clichéd thing to say, but I’m not going to spoil anything by giving away any more details, the twists and turns are a joy to discover as you read this novel. 

Dark Heart is the début novel from Darren J Guest, and as début novels go, this is one of the best.  Dark Heart, is an excellent read, it is complex, enthralling, thrilling, but most importantly it feels as though it was written by a much more experienced author.  Darren’s writing is both tight and stylish, with a nice line of dark humour running through it.  This is a complex story that deals with complex themes, yet Darren’s writing never gets bogged down, as the story unfolds you are rewarded with some great twist, and a couple of what the hell moments.  

I’ve been putting off the review for a while, mainly because I’ve been trying to decide what genre this book falls into.  Yes it has angels and a bit of magic, but it’s not an Urban Fantasy, yes there are horrific moments, but it’s not a horror book.  So I came to the conclusion, don’t try and pigeon hole this book, what matters is that Darren J guest has crafted one of my favourite début novels of recent years, hell one of my favourite novels of recent years full stop.   If this is what Darren produced as a first attempt, then I can’t wait to read what he brings out next.  

Trust me folks this book is worth your time and money.  

Click below to buy yourself a copy 


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