David Matthew , who is probably one of the best authors you’ve never heard of has a new book out from Books.

Billy Alfreth is serving five years for wounding with intent at a maximum security Young Offenders Institute in the north of England. His actions were brutal, violent and alarming. But Billy has very different memories of the crime he committed than the one caught on camera.

Billy finds large chunks of time missing from his days and weeks – time that someone has stolen for devious means as he wriggles his way into other people’s consciousness, forcing them to commit unthinkable acts. The prison is about to explode in a bloodbath of violence and hate.

Caught in the middle, Billy must fight for his sanity and his memories against a man who can control his thoughts at will.

Available below in Kindle


Available here in paperback and hardback

And all other ebook formats here 


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