Ill At Ease by Mark West, Stephen Bacon and Neil Williams

Quick question, what do you get when you take three of the UK’S finest short story authors and throw together in into one anthology?   That’s right you get three brilliantly written short stories for the cheap price of £1.77

Stephen Bacon kicks the anthology of with Waiting For Josh.  Where a journalist travels back to his home town for the funeral of his childhood friend.  The discovery of an old journal leads to the uncovering of an old mystery.
This is a moving tale filled with excellent imagery, the passage describing Josh’s father standing watch for his lost sons is a chilling one.  

Mark West is next up to the plate, where a pair  old friend have a reunion a rather quaint idyllic English village.  Where old secrets and shame soon surface.  Mark proves yet again why all clowns should be shot on site and why all idyllic villages should be razed to the ground and all the inhabitants should be burned as witches.  This was my personal favourite of the anthology, high praise indeed as all three stories are top class stories?

Neill Williams has the honour of closing out the anthology with Closer than you think, a heart wrenching tale of a haunted car seat and the resentment a father feels towards his family.  This is the most emotional of the three tales, Williams has crafted a tale that tugs at the readers heart strings, while chilling them to the core.  I challenge you not to read this tale and not be moved by the ending of this story.

Those of you looking for an anthology filled with monsters, demons or otherworldly menance, will be initially disappointed, however I promise that by the time you have read the final sentence you will be glad that you invested your time and cash on this book.

   This is an anthology about finding horror in the everyday things of life, and how it effects those who come in contact with it.  A master class in quite understated horror


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