Eric S. Brown, Talks Zombies and Bigfoot Wars With The Ginger Nuts

Today folks for your reading pleasure I would like to present an interview with Eric S Brown author of among others  Bigfoot War, Season of Rot and World War of The Dead
GNOH  – Hello  Eric  how are things with you?
ESB:  Fairly well.  I can’t complain.
GNOH – Could you please tell the readers a bit about yourself?
ESB:  I am a horror writer, mostly known for Bigfoot and Zombie tales, living in North Carolina, USA.  Some of my books include Bigfoot War, Bigfoot War II: Dead in the Woods, War of the Worlds Plus Blood Guts and Zombies, Season of Rot, How the West Went to Hell, and World War of the Dead to name only a few. 
GNOH – What first inspired you to put pen to paper?
ESB:  I was pretty much born loving horror and wanted to give something back to a genre that has meant so much to me.
GNOH – Who are your literary heroes?
ESB:  David Drake is likely my overall hero from his fast paced prose to his outlook on the industry.  H.P. Lovecraft also leaps to mind. 
GNOH – So what’s the appeal of horror to you?
ESB:  I’m not sure I can put that into words.  It got me through a rough childhood and I love to watch a struggle against hopeless odds.  Seeing how folks react in the most dire of circumstances is also something I love about it. 
GNOH – How would you describe your writing style?
ESB:  Fast paced, visual, and over the top.  My work, I’m told, is more like watching a movie than reading a book. 
GNOH – How do you feel about the argument that’s going around some message boards that the only way for horror to survive, is for it to shake off the pulp, and evolve into a more literary beast.
ESB: HECK NO!!  Real horror fans don’t want dry, more mainstream literary stuff and they certainly don’t want the kind of teen targeted crap Hollywood has been churning out in recent years.  Horror fans want original, over the top ideas like Phantasm.  They want films and books that are thought provoking but FUN like Romero’s Dawn of the Dead or McCammon’s Swan Song.  At least, that’s what I think.  If horror wants to survive, it needs to get its act together and go back to ENTERTAINING the reader.  Move them, shake them up, scare them to death and above all, it needs to be FUN!  
GNOH –I first came across your name with regards to your zombie / War of the Worlds mash up, what inspired you to do this?
ESB:  I was actually asked to write War of the Worlds Plus Blood Guts and Zombies.  I had already been writing zombies for years and they wanted someone with a bunch of Z books behind them to give it a go so I did. 
GNOH – You have had a spectacular number of stories published in such a short time, how do you find the time? 
ESB:  I am a bit addicted to my work.  I love what I do and am extremely grateful to be doing it with such a loyal and awesome group of fans. I couldn’t imagine my life any other way. 
GNOH – How much time do you spend on getting the ground work of novel, before you actually sit down and write it?  Do you plot out every last detail or do you go with the flow?
ESB:  I usually just dive in and let the nightmares in my head take over.  
GNOH – Zombies feature in a lot of your stories, what’s the appeal of them?  And which do you prefer, shambling or running?
ESB:  Zombies know no bounds.  They work in any setting and are the ultimate foil for human characters.  Not to mention, they’re fun. 
GNOH – You recently moved in to the horror western field, with your novel How the West Went To Hell,  what prompted that move?
ESB:  Actually, I have written quite a few horror westerns including not only How the West Went to Hell but also the novella Dead West in Season of Rot and the stand alone novella The Weaponer.  As much as love horror, I really love war and western stuff too.  It was a natural thing for me to blend the western genre with horror.  
GNOH – Your latest novel Bigfoot War, has funnily enough a lot of Bigfoots, what made you use them as the basis for the story?
ESB:  Bigfoot was the one monster that really scared me as a child.  Somewhere along the way, I think Bigfoot horror got lost and Bigfoot at least in the States isn’t taken seriously anymore.  Aside from Beef Jerky and Cell phone ads, you don’t see him much other than in B movies that usually have no budget.  When I was a kid, Bigfoot was a monster to be feared and I wanted to bring that back.  I hungered for a Bigfoot book or film that gave Bigfoot a more apocalyptic feeling and brought a whole freaking tribe of them out of the woods into the world of man to do some real damage.  That’s what Bigfoot War is.  It’s the Bigfoot movie I always wanted to see.  It was a dream project for me and one that has been insanely successful and well received.  
GNOH – Why do you think they are so underused in genre fiction?
ESB:  That’s a good question.  I wish I knew the answer.  I don’t but I do wish there was more well done Bigfoot horror out there for readers to enjoy. 
GNOH  – Is there an author you’d love to work with?
ESB:  I would give just about anything to write a book with David Drake because he’s my hero.  Aside from Drake, David Moody also comes to mind.  I think our styles would mesh well together. 
GNOH – Which one of your published works are you most proud off?
ESB;  Of my zombie books, I would have to say Season of Rot.  Fans still claim it’s my best Z book to date.  Overall though, for me personally, I’d say Bigfoot War.  It’s apparently, according to some, an original idea in an age where those are rare and it’s a book I really put ME into it.  It has a very southern edge to it and it’s all about being fun and in your face. 
GNOH – What does the future hold for you?
ESB:  I am currently working on Bigfoot War III: Food Chain and awaiting the release of my first comic book, entitled Croatoan, from KnightWatch Press. 
GNOH Many thanks Eric for taking the time to chat with me it’s been a blast.
You can purchase Eric’s books from all the usual online retailers


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