Hallowed Ground On Pre- Order from Crossroads Press

Hallowed Ground will be released in late summer or early fall as a trade hardcover. To make this first hardcover release from Crossroad Press more special, we are going to sign and number some of them. This will not be the same thing as an expensive, signed limited edition, but signed…and numbered…still. We will sign and number however many are pre-ordered, plus 20 additional copies. Those 20 will sell for $5 over the projected retail price of $25. After those are sold, there will be no more signed or numbered copies of this edition. For the pre-order, we’re going to offer some creative options available that will make it worth your time and money, and that will hopefully help introduce you to the full range of products and authors available through Crossroad Press.
The Preorder Notice is in the featured products window at http://store.crossroadpress.com/
1) Preorder the hardcover for the discounted price of only $20 – paid up front – and choose one of the following options:
A) Receive one Crossroad Press Audiobook of your choice for free (a minimum $9.99 value)
B) Receive a $5 gift certificate at the Crossroad press store and you can become a character in a special novella written in the same world as Hallowed Ground. This will be released at a future date.
C) Pre-order, but don’t pay until delivery and your copy will be among those that are signed and numbered.
D) Receive the Audiobook of Hallowed Ground for free upon publication. (to be completed in the fall at the very latest, hopefully sooner…narrator will be Joe Geoffrey, who did the Not Quite Right Reverend Cletus J. Diggs book for us, as well as Beth Massie’s Sineater)
2) C) Pre-order at the full price of $25, but don’t pay until delivery and your copy will be among those that are signed and numbered.
The Ordering period on this book will be from now until August 1st. At that point we’ll cut off pre-orders and arrange the signed numbered limitation whatever it turns out to be. During the preorder period, we are going to work on getting the book designed for the printer and being ready to go. We’ll also be working on the trade paperback and audio editions.
To pre-order, go to the Crossroad Press Store. You’ll find the PREORDER PAGE and from there you can choose one of the four options for pre-ordering at full price or use the HG15 coupon code to purchase $15 or more and add the pre-order of Hallowed Ground for an additional $15.
When you order, please add a note in the comments field, or drop us an e-mail at publisher@crossroadpress.com so we are sure you ordered what you meant to, and that we get your order right.
IN ADDITION – one special extra option. If you buy at least $15 worth of books at Crossroad Press and use the coupon code HG15 (which does not give you a discount at all, but flags the sale for us to see) You can preorder the book for $15. How’s that for a deal? If you choose this option – please – like on the others, leave us a note in the order itself, and also send an e-mail to publisher@crossroadpress.com.
US Shipping on these will be $5.00 no matter what option you choose. I’m pretty sure it will fit in a Priority flat rate box at $4.75 (unless they raise the price between now and then). If you live outside the US, we will charge you EXACTLY what the USPS charges us to ship your book, no more or less. We will shoot for the cheapest option, and then give you choices.
Thank you for helping use make our first hardcover a resounding success.

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