>A Couple of Quick Reviews of Two Excellent Novelettes


Once, Rock Hill was a place of happiness. The ancient castle sat on the ledge, overlooking the river below and the old forest on the opposite banks. It infected everyone who entered it, drove them silly with admiration and awe. It was a place of happiness, where, for ten years, their child grew up and their books wrote themselves.
Then came that faithful winter, and with it…a death.
His world destroyed, the writer now sits in his study, creating his dark and horrific fiction. Around him, the house falls into ruin, its crumbling walls a fitting representation of his decaying sanity.
Something now lives in the river below, and she serves as his muse, his inspiration. And in return, he feeds her.
Her appetite is insatiable…

Frank Duffy has, with his début release  from Sideshow Press, produced one hell of debut.  This is an emotionally charged beautifully written work.   The story is a wonderful example of what a well written novelette should be.  Duffy’s writing is assured, lyrical and of a standard that exceeds his experience.  if this is the quality of stories he is producing  now, I can’t wait to see what he comes up with in the future this is definately an author to watch out for.  

Derek Herd had it all; a wife, a family and the perfect job.  That is, until the demon alcohol dragged him  into a world of lies and secrets.

When Derek encounters a lost girl called Sarah,  an echo of his former 

self is forced to face his past transgressions.  When Sarah reveals her true identity, a horrifying apparition, the personification of Derek’s very nightmares becomes reality and he can no longer continue to deny the grisly past which haunts every moment of his doomed existence.

Zach Black is another relative newcomer to the genre that deserves to be to read by a huge audience.  The Echo is a masterful example of a real spooky ghost story.  Zach Black carefully layers the tension with each paragraph, building to an amazing claustrophobic climax.    this is the first thing I have read from Hellfire Publishing , and if this is a fair representation of the the quality of there publishing, then they have got one happy customer.  

I highly recommend getting both these titles and reading them together, they both have a similar theme of a man who has lost everything that is dear to him, and how each of them finds or encounters some sort of closure. 


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