>An Interview With Nate Southard


For you reading pleasure today folks, please allow me to present an interview with the rather damn fine US horror author Nate Southard 

6. I first came across your name and your work, through Brian Keene’s message board. in fact I was one of the lucky ones to have a personalised story added to their copy of Broken Skin. I also heard on the gravevine, that Brian gave a wonderful and impassioned speech about passing the torch to the new breed of writers, and your name was mentioned by him. How does feel to have that kind of responsibility put onto you? 

It varies depending on the project, really. With Shrews, he wrote the first draft and then shot the entire thing over to me so I could crank out the next draft. Lee liked to write a few thousand words and then send it to me for the next few thousand.

15. Can you tell us anything about your work with Deadite Press?

Thanks Nate it has been a pleasure doing this interview.  I highly recommend getting on to the Southard band wagon he is an author who is going to be huge. 


2 thoughts on “>An Interview With Nate Southard

  1. >Indeed. Great interview. Definitely happy to see I'll get a chance to snatch up a copy of Just Like Hell, as I've been dying to read it ever since Brian Keene put it over.

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