>Spectral Press Chapbooks A Chapbook Review


I recently came into possession of two rather wonderful chapbooks, both published by Specteral Press, one was written by Gary McMahon, the other by Gary Fry.
Previous to this I had never heard of Spectral Press, I was familiar with the work of Mr McMahon, but I’m afraid to say I had never read any thing by Mr Fry.
I’m going to say right away that both these chapbooks were stunning pieces of writing, that rise above being mere genre pieces.  These are both top quality writing, by two  talented and gifted writers.  If the other writer that Spectral Press have on their books are even half as good, then they are on to a winner.  
McMahon puts both the reader and the protagonists through the emotional wringer.  The writing is both beautiful, passionate, while at the same time invokes a real sense of despair and desolation.  This is not an easy read, the subject matter is dark and disturbing.  Yet you are drawn into the downward spiral of a couple coming to terms with the loss of their son.  This is quiet  horror at it’s best. It pulls no punches in it’s handling of the subject matter, be warned this story will stick with you long after you’ve finished reading it.  
This was my first exposure to Gary Fry.  A fact thay I’m a bit ashamed to admit.  I’ve seen his name mentioned around the internet, often in the compny of some of my favourite authors, but I never took the plunge.  Folks if like me and you’ve never sampled his work, this is a great place to start. 
In the abolisher of roses a successful business man must face up to the truth of his affair, during a  spooky art show in a forest. 
This is a much lighter affair than McMahon’s story, but it is no less worth of the high praise it deserves.  Fry deftly weaves a tale about the break up of a marriage and all the little things that start to become annoying.  The scene where Peter belittles the pretentions of the art world brought a smile to my face.  This is an extremely well crafted and haunting tale, the encounters that Peter has as he travels along the path of the art show in the forest, are  spooky, creepy with a sense of foreboding menace that lurks behind every tree.  
Gary, has written a story that evokes childhood memories of creeping down the stairs at night to watch the latest episode of Tales Of The Unexpected.  
These chapbooks are limited to 100 copies.  They are priced at £3.00 each, or you can, and I suggest that you do, take out a years subscription for £13.50.  Get in quick folks I can see these selling like hot cakes. 

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