>Snareville – By D.M Youngquist


Right I know I’ve said it before, and I know I keep going back on my promise, when I say I’ll never read another zombie novel again.  I am bored with them, mainly due to over saturation and the stuffing of zombies into anything and everything.  That and just about any hack seems to think they can write a zombie novel.  The fact that I managed to finish this novel, let alone think this is one damn fine novel says a hell of a lot about D.M’s skill as a story teller. 

I really mean it folks even if you are bored of zombies like I am, or even if zombie novels have never appealed to you, do yourself a favour and get a copy of this.  This is a refreshing take on the whole genre.  It feels more of a Sci Fi novel than a horror novel, imagine Mad Max, mixed with The Survivalist novels, with a twist of zombie.  It’s a cocktail you’ll be downing in one. 

It’s year plus one since the zombie outbreak, the major cities have fallen, humanity has fallen, the majority  survivors scrape together in small bands to survive.   Well some of them have, welcome to Snareville, a town where they plan on doing more than just surviving.  In Snareville, everyone has a place, and everyone has skill to be utilised.  Kids still go to school, life tries to go as normal, well as normal as you’d expect for a small haven in the apocalyptic world around it.  Say hello to Danny Death, leader of one of the scavenging groups,  a hunter and a killer, together with his men he has made Snareville secure from the zombie threat.  However there are worse things to be scared of than a shambling rotting corpse.  can Danny keep Snareville safe, and is the rumour of a possible cure true.

This a novel more about the survivors, and the fact that sometimes the zombies aren’t the most dangerous thing a survivor has to face. Even though the focus of the novel to my eyes anyway is the trial and tribulations of the survivors, there zombie threat is always made to feel present, like a dark shadow looming over your shoulder.     D.M. has crafted a zombie novel, where you actually care about the survivors.  The cast of characters are well formed full of the natural human traits acting  in a believable way.   I particularly liked how the zombies changed from being fast runners when they first rise, to the classic shambler as the body starts to rot down.  I also liked how the weather, in particular the temperature changed the threat of the zombies.  it shows that D.M. has put some thought into the science of the outbreak. 

D. M has a easy to read style of writing, the narrative never get s bogged down by superfluous descriptions, which keeps the pace of the novel at breakneck.  There is a heart at the centre of this book, something you’d not think would be possible in a zombie novel.  But don’t fear gore hounds there is still plenty of horror, guts and blood to keep you lot happy as well.  Without ever risking taking over the novel.  This is a book that wasn’t written just to provide a shock a minute, gorefest.

I highly recommend checking this book out, D.M. Youngquist is one of the finest zombie authors of the last few years. 

As with the other books from DCP, this book will not be available until their official launch at World Horror Con


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