>Obverse Books and Bite Sized Horror


I always like discovering new publishers,  Obverse Books look my my kind of small press publishers 

Taken from their website

Obverse Books is a British publisher, specialising in publishing genre short story collections.
Founded in 2008 by Stuart Douglas and novelist Paul Magrs, Obverse Books’ goal is to provide attractively packaged, high quality shorter fiction at a reasonable price to the genre market.
Commencing with Iris Wildthyme and the Celestial Omnibus in 2008, Obverse have always tried to combine work by some of the biggest names in the field with that of absolute newcomers and accepts open submissions for every collection.
In 2010, Obverse published its first single author collection and its first collection of ghost stories, as well as further Iris Wildthyme volumes.
Obverse recently acquired the rights to publish short story collections based on Lawrence Miles’ Faction Paradox concept, with a first volume – Faction Paradox: A Romance in Twelve Parts – released in Spring 2011

They are also producing a collection of horror stories published by Johnny Mains Pan Horror Super Fan, and instigator of the Horror Auction for Japan 

Bite Sized Horror features stories from Conrad Williams, Paul Kane and David A. Riley 

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