Quick question how do make a Harry Shannon novel better.  Pretty hard task I hear you say, what with them being damn fine reads.  The answer you put three of them together in a  reasonably priced package. 

I like that term, reasonably priced, hey I’m Scottish,  were tight, sue me.  ( I wouldn’t bother, getting money out of me is harder than getting a Duindonian to eat  bit of fruit). 

Mick Callahan is a man with a mission – to get his life back on track. The once prosperous L.A. media “shrink” with the muscular arms and killer grin lost it all, the house, the women, the fame, the fortune. Booze, drugs and his own misguided ego left him bankrupt and disillusioned. Now sober and humbled by the necessity of accepting a low paying radio show “fill-in” job, he finds himself facing the Memorial Day weekend in the small desert town of Dry Wells, Nevada (second only to Roswell, New Mexico, in UFO sitings). The irony of the situation is not lost on Mick; he grew up not far from here on a small ranch in the high desert. It was a tough childhood and he’d rather not remember it. He can’t wait to finish his gig and “get outta Dodge.” The plan is simple; field some calls, answer some questions, collect the measley $300 bucks, and drive back to L.A. for some promising auditions and a “comeback.” But a young, very troubled female caller turns out to be the daughter of Lowell Palmer, the richest and most powerful rancher in the county. When she ends up dead at the “Memorial Day” picnic, Mick is pulled into a small-town “who-dunnit,” where everyone is a suspect.

In Eye of the Burning Man, when child pornographers kidnap Mick’s maid’s young nephew, and a crack whore asks Mick for protection, he is happy to leave the studio to mix it up with the lowlifes–but what if he’s being set up for a lethal case of revenge?

And in One of the Wicked, Mick is doing a pal a favor. Bud Stone owes money to a gangster named Big Paul Pesci. He’s worried about his ex-girlfriend and asks Mick to keep her safe. But when Stone rips off a drug dealer to pay Pesci, the situation explodes. The girl disappears and Mick finds himself caught between the police and the Russian Mob.

For $4.99 or £3.51  you can get your hands on all three books, with opne click of a button.  I’ll be reviewing thwe whole package soon, once I’ve read the final part.  Howeever I will say the first two books in the series are first class novels.  

A trade paperback version is also on it’s way, for those weho like their books on paper. 

Available here 




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