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Hello folks for your reading pleasure today we have an interview with Donna Burgess

GNOH – Hi Donna, who are you?

I’m an author of dark fiction. I like to surf, paint and am a fangirl of Monty Python and low-budget horror flicks. 
GNOH – A passion for Monty Python, is always nice to see.  What is the big appeal for you?
Their comedy was ahead of their time. It was simultaneously silly and intelligent. Plus, they were some very cute lads in their day 😉
GNOH – What made you set up Naked Snake Press?
I just wanted to offer another outlet for horror authors to see their work published.
GNOH – What sets you guys apart from other small presses?
Honestly, not much, aside from the fact that all editors have different tastes. I like creepy, atmospheric horror most of all. Other editors might like slashers and still others zombies. I think there’s a reader with every decent piece of writing. 
GNOH – Do you think there is still a snobbery against the indie small press?
Yes! Read Dan Simmons’ forum. Of course, he’s not the only one by a long shot. Some people just have the idea that only hacks resort to small press publishing or self-publishing. Publishing is much different than it was only ten years ago, but some people are very slow to catch on.
GNOH – Can you tell us about any future publications from NSP?
We have a young adult novel coming this month called “The Vampire Way” by Derek Clendening. I also just accepted two novels, Contracts haven’t gone out yet, but I can say both are pretty awesome. One is a zombie tale and the other is a horror story set in England.  And of course, I’m working on something else, as well.
GNOH – What would be your five desert island books and films?
Well, I’m going to count the Lord of the Rings trilogy as one film. That may be cheating. Next, “Blade Runner,” “28 Days Later,” “Star Wars Episode IV,” “Monty Python and the Holy Grail.”
GNOH – Glad to see you prefer Holy Grail over Life of Brian
As for books, that’s a tougher one since I have so many favorites. “The Damnation Game” by Clive Barker, “Rebecca” by Daphne du Maurier, “The Stand” by Stephen King, “The Road” by Cormac McCarthy and “The Unblemished” by Conrad Williams.  
GNOH – What got you into writing?
When I was small, my parents used to take me to those all night horror flicks at the drive-in every weekend. When I got older, I discovered reading horror was even better than watching it. I guess it evolved from there.
GNOH – So why horror?
I really don’t know. I just love being scared. I really wish I had the talent to write comedy, but my mind just doesn’t work that way.
GNOH – Do you prefer to write short stories or novels?
I love writing novels more. I like getting deep into the characters.  

GNOH – Your Novel Darklands is classed as an Urban Fantasy.  Do you think this is a fair description, considering that description has some strong connotations?

Actually, I think the story is a horror story all the way. But somewhere along the way, vampires became urban fantasy rather than horror. I’ve since changed my category for “Darklands” back to horror and occult/supernatural.
GNOH – What do you think is the appeal of vampires, and what drew you to write about them?
Vampires are classic monsters, just like werewolves. There are just so many things a writer can do with vampires. They can be sexy or horrible. Heroic or evil.
GNOH – Is there any other vampire story from another author you’d like to write into your own universe?
I really liked 30 Days of Night. Those vamps are damn scary, on the page and on the screen.
GNOH – Who do think best epitomises the vampire novel?
Vampires can be interpreted in so many different ways. Depending on your tastes, it can be Anne Rice, Stephen King and of course, Bram Stoker. I really loved Tim Lebbon’s “Berserk” for a very different take on vampires. Or were they even vampires at all?
GNOH – What can we expect from you in the future?
I am working on a number of projects. The first is a straight-up horror novel, which is an apocalyptic tale with a few scary vampires thrown in. The other one is a YA zombie/dark comedy novel that I am writing with my daughter. 
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