>The Skin Game by William Meikle


The Skin Game, sees PI Derek Adams take his third outing onto the streets and back alleys of murky Glasgow.  Adams is no stranger to spooky going ons having previously dealt with strange fisher cults and an ancient awakening evil.  This time our bedraggled PI goes up against a werewolf family intent on retrieving a mystical belt that can transform its wearer into a werewolf.  it’s not long before Adams is on the run from the law, framed for a murder he didn’t commit.  

It’s will come as no surprise to readers of this blog that I loved this book, I’ve rambled on about my love of Willies writing on many occasion.  I love reading, especially the kind of fireside story, where the lights are turned down low and a glass of good whiskey sits next to you on an old side table.  If I had a pipe I’d be smoking it as well as I read this story.

Meikle has created a very memorable character in Adams.  A wise cracking, hard drinking and hard smoking, world weary detective.  A character almost in the wrong time, he is man that feels and acts like someone who should be pacing the alleyways of a classic Bogart movie.  You can tell the Meikle has a love for the genre, it pours out from every page, with sly winks to the bygone age of pulpy detective stories.

The story itself is a wild fast paced story that is littered with great touches of humour.  The story never flags or gets bogged down.  I’ve not read many werewolf stories, but the mythology of the werewolves here and the history of the belt are a nice twist.  As with many of Willies other books, The Skin game has a strong cast of supporting characters, so much so you begin to wonder if there are a lot of Glaswegians wondering if that’s them that are being portrayed  within this novel. Seriously I had a great time reading this, and can’y wait for my next fix of Meikle

As always I highly recommend getting this book, and the other two previously released volumes of this series.  As an added incentive Willie Meikle is giving away a free copy of the very first volume of this series.

All you have to do is follow this link to his facebook page and click the get it here link

Willaim Meikle facebook page


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