>Joseph D’ Lacey’s Garbage Man Released in the US


Hello folks I just got word from Joseph D’Lacy that his novel Garbage Man  will be available in the US.  

“Garbage Man will be available in America where all good books are sold and online, of course: “



The e-book version will make an appearance soon…” 

Even if the book isn’t in stock somewhere, it can be ordered through chains AND independent stores – a better situation than in the UK! 

Mason Brand has fled his life as a celebrated photographer and renounced his past. He is living rough, as a hermit in the Welsh hills, when something happens to him among the mossy oaks. He begins to hear “the calling.” Years later, Mason is living with sight of a colossal landfill dump, and he hears “the calling” again. This time he will heed it, and it will lead him, for he is called to assist in a terrible birth—out of the waste of human society comes a thing, and its enemy is human. Tackling the issue of the environment and landfill sites, this chilling fable of eco-horror asks what happens to all the unwanted things we bury, because they just won’t go away.


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