>Book Drive An Appeal


Right folks I’m going to come clean right away.  This is a scrounging post, but one for a good cause.

I firmly believe that if you can inspire a child to read and enjoy reading then the world becomes their oyster.  As parents, myself and she who must be obeyed  have always read to and with our kids. Bedtime stories are important..  I recognise that not all parents have the time, or even the willingness to do this.  This means that the task of finding that love of reading falls to the teachers of the kids.

Herein lies the problem, money is tight in schools, they don’t have a lot of free cash to update their libraries.  This year Campbell hasn’t had one book that he wanted to read, back from school as part of his homework.  This week he had a book about a French doll called Poppette, really inspiring stuff for a seven year old boy.

What I’m asking is if anyone has any old books suitable for kids aged 5 – 12 years of age, could you consider sending them to me, so I can pass them on to the school.  I’ve spoken to the fund raising committee and they are going to get the parents involved, by setting up a big dump bin in school for parental donations.

If you interested drop me an email at jimbo52@tiscali.co.uk

Please consider this is a cause dear to my heart.

Many thanks



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