>They Hunger – Scott Nicholson


After the crash and burning of Leisure Publications last year, we are slowly but surely see the return of some of the  authors caught in the blast radius.  Scott Nicholson, along with Bryan Smith , who were my favourite of the Leisure stable is forging ahead with his own publishing house Haunted Computer Books.  Scott is publishing new work alongside re – publishing his Leisure titles. 

They Hunger was a personal favourite of Scott’s Leisure titles, a vampire novel, written before Twilight, drove a stake through the Vampire Genre.  

A team of outdoor specialist have been given the task to test out a pair of experimental rafts in some of the most treacherous white water rapids in the USA.  Unbeknown to them the FBI are also conducting a manhunt for Ace Goodall, a religious nut responsible for abortion clinic bombings.  When the FBI attempt to raid Goodall’s camp they set of an explosion that uncovers a long sealed off cave.  Bad move guys, for this cave was home to a race of vampiric creatures, and they hunger.  

First things first, I love Vampires. I have had a thirty year love affair with them  From the age of seven, when I snuck downstairs to watch Taste The Blood of Dracula, spending the month sleeping with a crucifix.  Didn’t help against the scary ghost nun that lived under my bed though.  

As with all love affairs there have been highs Brian Lumley’s Necroscope saga, David Wellington’s 99 Coffins, Anno Dracula by Kim Newman.  And the lows, oh God the lows, you know who you are Dark Romance authors.  Do me a favour go and crap on someone else’s front lawn.  I hear zombies are looking for a new twist.  If divorce lawyers weren’t so expensive, I’d be a happy go lucky single man again.  

Does They Hunger fill me with joy, or does it make me want to smash some crockery?  Thank god it fills me with joy.  Scott Nicholson has brought forth a race of vampires that are pure evil, closer to winged demons, swooping down on ragged leathery wings to pluck unsuspecting victims into the air.  Not one whiff, of navel gazing here.  

It’s often said that a writer should write about what he knows best, and it’s clear from Scott’s descriptions of the Appalachian Mountains  that this is true, the terrain is brought to life within the pages of this novel.  

Once the action starts, this is a fast paced read, that piles on the tension right up to the end. Scott has filled the pages with a cast of unlikeable characters, which to be honest I found a  refreshing change to usual cast members in book like this.  If I have one complaint about this book it’s, I would have liked more of a back story on  the Vamps.  Hey I  cut my teeth on the Necroscope series I like a bit of back story.

This book is highly recommended to lovers of a good vampire novel 

Available here along with many of Scott’s other books 


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