>Hiram Grange by by Jake Burrows, Kevin Lucia et al


Note:-  this is a five book novella series, each book can easily be read on its own, however as with these things starting with book one and reading through is much more rewarding.
As these are all fairly short novellas I’ll review the series as a whole.
Hiram Grange is our last defence against the things that got bump in the night, however Hiram is no suave square jawed hero.  Hiram is a flawed man with addiction to sex, opium, absinthe and a really unhealthy obsession to Jodie Foster.
Working for a clandestine section of the Freemasons, Hiram is tasked with guarding the confluences, geographical hotspots around the world where supernatural activity is prevalent.
Each of the books is written by a different author.
Hiram Grange and the Village of the damned pits Hiram against vengeance from the grave, oh and garden gnomes, yes you heard right.  Jake Burrows had the task of kicking the series off, and what a start indeed.  Burrows has delivered a cracking good book.  Considering the confines of the story’s length Burrows has crammed so much into it.  From an hilarious description of suburban life and what goes on behind closed doors, to a fine line of humour running through the story.  This was a fine start to the series, good enough in fact fact for me to purchase the rest of the series straight away.  
In Twelve Little Hitlers, Hiram is tasked with tracking down twelve clones of Hitler, however Hiram has hit rock bottom.  To be honest I found this one hard going, I don’t know if it was because of the story being concerned with Hiram being at an all time low or if I just didn’t take to Scott Christian Carr’s writing.  It’s not say this was a bad book, it just didn’t click with me personally.  

 …. And The Digital Eucharist, pits Hiram against the  Occlusionist Movement, hoping to control the world through the use of their Digital Eucharist.  This is great entry in the series, it’s fast, lean action  packed entry in the series.  Davies writing style is lean and mean perfectly suited the Hiram range.  Davies also maintains the streak of humour which is, in my opinion an essential part of this series.  This is a really good book.  

….And The Chosen One, pits Hiram against the world of the Faerie.  Mab The Queen of the Faeries, has foreseen the destruction of the world, and guess what it’s all Hirams fault. He must chose to either kill an innocent girl, or save the Universe, not exactly Flash Gordon.  

This is my favourite of the series Kevin Lucia has a great style of writing, the action scenes are handle with panache, the streak of humour is preserved, succubi anyone? He also manages to add a touch of pathos to the story.    Up until now Hiram has been, excuse my French, a bit of a twat.  Kevin has added an extra layer of humanity to the character.  Don’t worry though folks this is no transformation into Mary Poppins, he’s still a bit of a twat, just a more likeable one.  Kevin is a writer that I’ll  be keeping an eye on in future

  ….And the Nymphs of Krakow see Hiram travelling to the outer reaches if Russia, facing off against sex crazed nymphs,  nice work if you can get it. Richard Wright has the hioniur of wrapping up the first volume.  And a very good job he does of it.  In previous editions it has been Granges chemical addictions that have come to the fore (pun intended).  Hirams actions become more intwerested in this volume, boundaries are blurred and the consequencs of Hirams actions have more resonance here.   
Prior to reading this series I have never read any of these authors before.  On the strength of the work presented herer I will certainly be checking out more of their work.  This is a good fun series check it out folks. 
The series can be bought through amazon, however for the brits here, you may find it dificult to get the whole series from amazon uk. 
you can buy the complete five book set from Shroud Publishing with a $10 saving 

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