>Where to Buy Books


As an add on to the previous post, I’d like to point you in the direction of some specialist presses, and portal websites for buying both e-books and hard copy books.  I’ve chosen these sites based on three  criteria, value for money, customer service and general lack of douchiness by the owners.  Every penny is sacred these days, so I spend my money wisely, I look for a good book at a good price, but not at the expense of lining the pocket of arrogant idiots who reckon they are the gatekeepers of the genre.  

Home to authors Willie Meikle, Steven Saville, and Tim Lebbon 

New comers to the field, they have already produced two extremely good publications Pray and The Spectrum Collection 

Run by the extremely talented author David Niall Wilson, this press embodies everything that is good about the e-book revolution.  A great mix of old and new authors reprints of classic horror novels from the likes of David Niall Wilson, Steven Saville, John Skipp  Steven Mark Rainy 

Seventh Star Press are a fantastic publisher who offer great books at an unbelievable price.  They also sell the books as package with loads of extra gear.  A beautifully produced limited edition for $45, pretty damn good,  but that’s not all you get.  For that price you receive a T-shirt, bookmarks, a poster, glossy 5 x 7  prints of the books artwork, and some small trading card prints. 

Look at this to see what you get, note , I was wearing the T – shirt and I couldn’t fit the poster in the shot 

Ex Leisure author Scott, has set up the Haunted Computer Books site to market and distribute his own e-books.  Scott is a great author, and a really nice guy.  Some of books are free to download 


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