>Stuart Neild – An Interview


Today for your reading pleasure we have an interview with up coming UK author Stuart Neild

Q. Hi Stuart how’s things with you?

A. Not too bad thanks. Life is good, as they say.

Q. Could you give the readers a quick bio rundown?

A. I’ve been a massive fan of horror since I was a kid, I’ve been writing it since my mid teens, and now I get the pleasure of people actually reading it.

Q. What draws you into writing horror, over other genres?

A. Horror is such a massive playing field, it knows no boundaries. One minute I could be writing about the undead in the wild west, like my up coming book The First Ghost Town, or about a supposedly real demon from London’s 1800’s with Spring Heeled Jack Awakes. As a horror writer you’re not constrained. 

Q. Your debut novel , A Haunted Man, has a protagonist with rather an unusual name Boag-Munroe, how did you settle on this name, and 

does it have any significance.

A. Boag-Munroe is my mum’s maiden name, James is my son’s name, put the two together and you have the worlds greatest ghost hunter.

Q. A Haunted Man, was initially only available as a POD, what lessons if any did you learn from this?

A. I learned back then that POD and ebooks were the way forward. The problem was because of the attention I got from A Haunted Man I got suckered in to so called traditional publishers, and small press, who were happy to take what I’d written and then sit on it for decades.

Q. A Haunted Man was optioned for a Hollywood film, can you tell us what happened to the film?

A. It sat in development hell for a good while, but now the option has run out, so if there’s any rich producers out there that want to get in touch, be my guest.

Q. Killer eels, crazy old ladies, and evil gnomes, certainly a mixed bunch of tales, which was the most fun top write?

A. Gnomes. Don’t get me wrong I enjoyed the others, but gnomes was really fun. Spring Heeled Jack Awakes was also pretty special, because the legend behind that one was just so scary.

Q. Are you planning or trying to ride the wave of the new Gnome movie, Gnomeo and Juliet? “Not all Gnomes sing and dance”

A. I’ve only just found out about that movie. But you never know, it might add a few more to the sales of Gnomes. Anyone that watches that film and then reads Gnomes are in for quite a shock though.

Q. Shooting started in 2007 on the Dame Demise film, can you tell us how that is coming along?

A. I think about ten minutes of footage was shot on the 2007 Dame movie, and all I’ve seen from that footage was a couple of stills. It was only a micro film budget, but the producer/director wasn’t exactly doing that much, so I pulled the rights. Come the end of the year shooting should start on the film proper.

Q. In an ideal world who would you love to see play the Dame?

A. Some old woman that walked past my house just now.

Q. Dame Demise has a sequel out, is the Dame now the fan favourite?

A. I think Dame Demise is a bit of a marmite moment. People either love it or hate it. But, yes the Dame certainly has her fans and they’ve been vocal about me giving her a follow up. Dame Demise will return.

Q. You’ll be co-writing the 7th Crab book with Dave Jeffery, how nervous are you of taking over an iconic horror franchise?

A. I think more excited than nervous. I love Guy’s books and think he’s a great fella also. The same goes for Dave Jeffery as well, another top author and top man.

Q. How structured are you in writing?

A. It depends what I’m writing. Something like the Dame Demise stories or Gnomes are so out there, that to be too structured, would spoil the madness and mayhem of what they are about. At the other end of the scale Spring Heeled Jack Awakes and A Haunted Man are very intricate and structured.

Q. Could you name five songs that would make an ideal soundtrack to one of your novels?

A. Grimly Fiendish by The Damned would make a great theme tune for Dame Demise.
Throw Slades We’re All Crazy Now, Ain’t No Pleasing You from Chas and Dave, Heaven Knows I’m Miserable Now by The Smiths and Little White Bull from Tommy Steele and we’re done.

Q. Is there any advice you can give to upcoming writers on avoiding the pitfalls of a writing career?

A. Listen to all the advice that’s out there, then totally ignore it and do your own thing.

Q. Which of the current crop of new authors would you recommend?

A. Dave Jeffery, Ian Woodhead, John Prescott, Willie Meikle, Garry Charles, Adrian Chamberlin and Bridget Squires. These are all writers that do great work, and also have a great helping out ethos to other writers.

Q. So what does the future hold for Stuart Neild?

A. More books and hopefully some film and T.V. projects finally hitting the screen like this T.V. show I co-wrote old friend but is still waiting for a green light.


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