>The Infernal Game – The Cold War by Rebecca Levene


At the start of the Cold War, the British secret services formed the Hermetic division, an agency charged with using supernatural powers to defend the nation. It has only one mission: to find the mysterious Ragnarok artefacts, said to have the power to end the world. Now, two of the division’s most senior agents are sent on the trail of a corrupt Russian oligarch.  Sounds good doesn’t it.  And to be honest it was good, pretty damn good in fact, right up until the halfway mark. 

At the climax of a battle between the four heroes of the piece and a group of black clad robber assassins one of the heroes jumps of the train they are on, leaving the other three behind.  Or so I thought. 

In the following pages one character appears with both the jumper and the other two left on the train, despite the many many miles between them.  I have no idea what happens next, after reading the the section again, I actually threw the book in the bin.  

If this was an attempt at some clever plotting, wherein there is an evil doppelgänger of then I’ll never know.  It’s only clever if the reader doesn’t go “what the fuck is this crap.”  It’s a pity as this was a good book up to that point.  This was my first book by Abaddon Publishing, if this an indicator of their quality control / editing skills then it will be  my last.  


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