>Dinkin Dings


Dinkin Dings is afraid of everything – apart from the monsters under his bed! When Dinkin sees his new neighbours, he’s certain that the little girl is a Flesh-Eating Alien Space Zombie. But as usual his parents think he’s being silly. When Dinkin mistakenly eats fish fingers for dinner it can only mean one thing – trouble. Everyone knows these are the fingers of Fish-Men and it won’t be long before they come seeking revenge. It’s time to call in the Frightening Things, booby trap the house and panic.

The Dinking Dings series of children’s books are among my favourite books to read with my son.  They are a great mix of humour, with touches of Monty Python, and Spike Milligan, and light hearted horror / Sci Fi.  

Two of my favourite tales are now available as an audiobook. 



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