>Some Quick Sort Story / Novella Reviews


I highly recommend getting these they are all quick and extremely satisfying reads.

Another fine example of Willie Meikle’s talent as one hell of an author, and nice to see a Mcleod in a story.  Should be more Mcleods in stories.   In fact there should be a Jim Mcleod in every story.   I really need to stop reading stories with old crones that remind me of my crazy dead Gran

Roots is a great twist on the demented offspring genre.  Dan is a great author who has never disapointed.  A great twisted tale of lust, maybe I should listen, when in future the kids tell me that vegetables are evil.

I must admit that I’m not overly familiar with Stuarts work, but this story bodes well for future reading

Viking Zombies, what more can you ask for. This is a very tight and dark tale, that feels like a much bigger story.

All these tales are available at http://www.smashwords.com 


4 thoughts on “>Some Quick Sort Story / Novella Reviews

  1. >Hey Ginger Nute Case 😉 I found your blog through HBA and I'm also a horror book blogger on the lookout for more horror book bloggers out there; I would have loved to see more of your thoughts on Daniel I. Russell's book as I've enjoyed some of his work in the past — would you say this is one of his best collections? Darkeva

  2. >Roots is just a single story. I love Dan's work, one of the few extreme horror authors I can read. Have you read Fluffs, it's free on smashwords and his novel Samhane is outstanding

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