>Blood Crimes book 1 – Dave Zeltserman


 Blood crimes, sees one of crimes leading lights make the move into the vampire genre.  But aren’t vampires kind of  relagated to the confines of whiney emo girls these days I hear you ask?  Can this accalimed author balance the books with a vampire novel worth reading.  the short answer is yes oh God yes.

Jim (all good guys should be called Jim)  infected with the vampiric virus, travells the US praying on the utmost dregs of society, drug dealers gangbangers and the like.  He needs to feed but won’t feed on the innocent.  Travelling with Jim is carol a stunningly beutiful woman how is still human.  Unbeknowst to them they are being hunted as well.  Unhappy with his actions, he is being hunted by others of his kind.  fearful that his actions might bring vampires into the public domain, He must be captured.

What follows is a fresh, exciting and above all brilliant new take on vampires and vampire society.   my knowledge of the crime genre is somewaht limited, but this story could easily sit alongside any of the Hard case crime series of books.  this is a hard, fast thrill ride that will keep you reading right up to the end, then leave you wishing the second book was already published.

Dave has a gift for creating dark, complex and some down right horrible characters.  Jim while wracked wqith guilt over what he has become and what he needs to do to survive, could easily have turned into a cliched emo wimp of a character.  However Dave turns him into a beleiveable and sympathetic character.

Metcalf the leader of the Vampires is truly a master class in how to create a truly dispicable character.   He is the star of the novel.  A ticking time bomb of anger and vengeance.  Determined to fully understand the vampiric condition, so much so he has set up a secret underground laboratory, where he conducts brutal experiments on other vampires.  All good books should have a secret underground layer.

Dave has an outstanding grip on what makes a good novel, while this book is extremely violent, the skill full writing displayed here prevents it from becoming an over the top comic book experience.

Dave, has managed to meld the two genres of crime and horror into one one hell of a ride, PI’s, crime lords, drug gangs, sultry babes and more low life scum than you can count all collide with explosive results in this genre bending master piece

If you like crime buy this book, if you like horror buy this book, if you like well written books, buy this book.

Available at all the usual e – book outlets 


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