>Guess What I Got In The Mail Today

>After my little rant on Facebook Yesterday about the British Postal Service.  The boys came good.

I got my Limited edition Thrall by Steven Shrewsbury limited edition package.  Wow talk about a fantastic deal. A limited (75 copies) edition  hardback copy of the book, plus a Thrall T – shirt, plus four glossy prints, book marks  and four trading card sized prints.  And two large posters   With international shipping the total cost ?

Wait for it folks you’re not going to believe this


and that’s only £26 in real money.

 So to  the other 99% of publishers that insist on charging extortionate prices for limited editions and  then slap on a shipping charge that should only be added if the package was being hand delivered by temple virgins you’ve just lost my business.

Seventh Star Press you now have a loyal customer

The book itself looks stunning and would have been well worth the £26 on its own.  Especially when mass market hard backs in the UK can cost up to £18.

A Review will be following shortly

yes that’s my name in there 
if you are wonder were the fourth print is Campbell took it into school, they are doing dragons as a class topic 

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