>Instinct by Jeremy Robinson


Instinct is the latest rip roaring action filled damn fun to read novel from Jeremy Robinson.  Following on from Pulse, this is the second of his Chess Team adventures.

In instinct the world is on the brink of succumbing to a new plague.  Someone has genetically engineered a strain of Avian flu  with Brugada.    The President of The USA  has already fallen to prey to it, and died, with only an electric shock able to restart his heart.  Everyone is at risk, there are no outward symptoms, you will just drop down dead with heart failure.  So it’s up to Chess team to to accompany Sara Fogg   to the Jungles of Veitnam to find the source of the disease and hopefully the cure.

In a jungle littered with the discarred mines from the Veitnam war, danger awaits out team in many different forms.  From the ?//////////, to a race of ancient and deadly creatures that have stayed hidden from mankind since the dawn of time.

Who are Chess Team? They are a team of highly trained covert operation soldiers.  The kind of guys, and gal, who you send in when nothing else will get the job done.  Each memeber is named after a chess piece, with all new members being designated Pawn.

I know, so far so generic I hear you say.  However, these are a really good set of books.    Jeremy manages to walk that fine line between speculative action thillers and over blown bombastic tripe.  Spome of my older followers may remember that I have serious issues with another author, who writes similar novels. Novels so overstuffed with unneeded testosterone, that it feels as the pages have been made out of bulls testricles.

Yes there are huge gun battles, an ancient race of deadly creatures and a slightly psychotic army general, but Jeremy, manages to hold it in so the story telling doesn’t suffer.  The writing is faced paced, tight, and the info dumps are handled deftly.  I can’t abide novels where info dump after info dump is thrown in your face knocking you out of the narative.

Jeremy builds on the characters that were introduced in the previous novel,  one of the characters background is divulged during a torture scene.   This has been handle exremely well, it could have been easy for this to not work, but it is handled really really well.

I don’t want to give too much away about the creatures as it would spoil the plot, however make sure there you have a strong stomach, there is one plot reveal, that made my stomach turn.

This is a first class example of the genre and is highly recommended.


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