>Seasons Greetings and Some Rather Fine Quick Reads

>Disclaimer I have no shares in Meikle Inc. or Smashwords.com

This will me my last post before Christmas due to wok commitments.  So to round off I’ll do a quick  round up  of some of the  fine stories you can pick up from smashwords.com, all of which can be purchased for less than $5 some are 99c and some are free, all though are rather good.

First of two tales from UK author Garry Charles 

Shredder  The Thing, meets Predator

Valhalla Rising   Viking Zombies

Next a tale from Lee Thomas

Parish Damned

A collection of short stories by Fran Friel 

Mama’s Boys

Next a shortish tale by UK Author  Shaun Jeffrey 

Dead Mans Eyes

A collection from Keelan Patrick Burke 

Ravenous Ghosts

Four great authors one great tale Steven Saville, Steve Lockley, Scott Nicholson, And Willie Meikle 

Mostly Human 

And finally we come to Meikle part of the post.

Many a Meikle maks a muckle

These are all extremely good reads that should satisfy most horror fans. 

On a separate note I would like to wish all my readers a very merry Christmas, thanks for reading these posts, I truly appreciate it. 

sláinte mhaith



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