>Descendant by Bob Freeman.


I always worry when reading the latest offering  from an author who I really admire.  I’m concerned that I may not like the book, thankfully all worries were firmly booted out the door, by the time I had read the first page of this, the latest offering for Bob Freeman.  His Cairnwood Manor books are amongst my favourite werewolf novels, and now Descendant is up there at the top my favourite paranormal investigation novels.  I hate using labels, but imagine if the X Files were concerned with the supernatural, rather than aliens.  
In Descendant, Federal Agents Wolfe and Crowe, investigate a series of bizarre deaths, as the investigation unfolds it becomes clear that these deaths are not the result of teenagers experimenting with the occult.  There is a plot by a mysterious cult to unleash hell on earth.   
This is an extremly well written and crafted book, it is a great example of an author at the top of their game.  Bob as grown and matured as an author, he has developed, for want of a better world, lyrical style, infusing the text with some great use of language, while at the same time never bogging the story down in over writing. 
Initially I thought this was a short story collection, as for the initial part the chapters read like self contained stories, with links to each other.  However it soon becomes clear that everything is linked and all the tidbits of plot soon come together for one hell of a conflict.  
It is clear that Bob knows his stuff, this is an extremely  researched novel, the depth of occult knowldege that has been intertwined into the story is vast.  But don’t let that put you off, Bob doesn’t just go for a big info dump, it has been seamlessly integrasted into the narrative, in a very natural way
Move over Mulder and Scully, there are new detectives in town.  
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