>Voyeurs Of death by Shaun Jeffrey


This is some brilliant news, brilliant author and stand up guy Shaun Jeffrey has a limited edition relase of his short story collection, Voyeurs of death.  This is a brilliant collection, get your pennies together and get a copy 

Dark Regions Press is proud to announce an expanded edition of the critically acclaimed Voyeurs of Death By Shaun Jeffrey! Voyeurs of Death is available in our leather-bound Deluxe Lettered Hardcover edition with slipcase and is signed by both author and artist.

From monsters to ghosts, Shaun Jeffrey runs the gamut in this new and expanded collection. Herein are found a diverse mix of the sinister, erotic, strange and surreal. From the foreboding alleyways of Venice to a bleak Scottish island, the horror is never far away. A young boy fixes dead things. You can’t always judge a man by the cut of his suit, especially when the suit isn’t made of cloth. A relaxing cruise is anything but once the passengers start to die, only to then come back to life. And a trip to the past has dire consequences for the future. Now turn the page and join the voyeurs of death. 

Table of Contents

The Flibbertigibbet
The Watchers
The Sin Box (only found in this edition!)
The Tunnel
The Quilters of Thurmond
Bugs (only found in this edition!)
Sin Eater
Voyeurs of Death
Life Cycle
Dark Inside
On the Brink of Extinction (only found in this edition!)
Venetian Kiss
Peacock Lawn
Snake Charmer
Park Life
Vessels (only found in this edition!)
Skinner (only found in this edition!)

“In these short tales, Shaun Jeffrey uses the subtle and the shocking to equally strong effect. His crisp prose turns each tale into a fast and thrilling ride through a tormented landscape of loss, lust and fear, and his work is infused with enough intellect and meaningful detail to make each trip memorable.” – Lee Thomas – Bram Stoker Award-winner. Author of ‘Parish Damned’ and ‘The Dust of Wonderland’.

Shaun goes straight for the jugular with every sentence and takes no prisoners … Not one story in this collection disappointed me. – Kevin Etheridge, Dark Discoveries Magazine

Voyeurs of Death packs quite a wallop – Horror Web

The stories are most effective at their bleakest, allowing, in several instances of Jeffrey’s work, the sinister portrait of humanity to paint itself in electrifying hues of blood red. – Bella Online

Voyeurs of Death blew me away. – Bookideas.com

The handful of tales offered here show a writer of notable promise and talent, one who has a refreshingly original imagination and the lean writing chops to make us hungry for the full buffet likely to follow. – Dark Scribe Magazine

“Voyeurs of Death” is guaranteed to have a little something for everyone. – Necro Carnival

My recommendation: grab this book, enjoy the tales and keep an eye open for Shaun Jeffrey. I certainly hope to read more from him. – Horror World

Voyeurs of Death shows Shaun Jeffrey as an accomplished spookmeister. – Future Fire

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About the author


Born in 1965 and residing in Cheshire, England with his partner, Debra and their fantastic son, Callum, Shaun Jeffrey has been writing for many years. He grew up in a house in a cemetery, his playground was the graveyard – perfect grounding for writing horror, and his early reading experience came from headstones! Shaun Jeffrey has had over 40 short stories published, one collection entitled Voyeurs of Death (now with the expanded version available from Dark Regions Press), and three novels, Evilution, The Kult and Deadfall. 

He tries to write most days, but as it’s not his fulltime profession, he’s afraid real life intervenes in the form of his day job, which is working on the railway as a Signalling and Telecommunication Engineer. Among his previous jobs, He’s been a fitness instructor, made ammunition, and worked in a food factory, all of which gives him experience upon which to draw, or write, as the case may be.

Publisher contact

Dark Regions Press
P.O. Box 1264
Colusa, CA, 95932

Contact us directly with any questions or comments at:
support AT darkregionspress.com

Click here to read more about or order Voyeurs of Death by Shaun Jeffrey now!

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