>Pray by John Prescott


I’m not going to beat about the book with this one, buy this book.  It’s that simple.  This is a brilliant début novel from John Prescott.

So what is Pray about?  Prey is the first part in a trilogy, don’t sigh guys I know a lot of us readers don’t like book series, but hold on this one will be worth it.  It’s the end of days, Armageddon is a coming folks, and in the words of Scott H Biram :-

Well, you better hold on cause there’s a big storm comin’ 

and it’s comin’ for to wash us all away,

All you lyin’, greedy, stealin, cheatin’, hurtin’ everybody sinners 
You’re all gonna pay the worst on Judgement Day 

In  2006, the United States of America is no  more, it has been replaced by the North American Union, a combined state with Mexico and Canada.  Ex army officer Trez Sleighton, has taken to the hills to avoid being implanted with a mandatory ID chip, while hiding out in the hills the Trumpets sound, signalling the coming of the End of Days.  People just  disappear, chaos erupts across the globe, planes dropping out of the sky, car crashes, only those not  chosen by God are left behind to face the oncoming terror.  

Rising out of the chaos is Samouel Gallo, Hollywood superstar steps up to bring order to a world in tatters, using all of the charm and power inherited from his father he is soon declared the leader of the world.  

However, not all of the worlds population feels the same way, from  a handful of the old world’s leaders to handful of normal normal everyday folk, the battle lines are drawn for the destiny of the world.  Some of these folk feel the urge to travel to Shaleford a small town hiding out in the Rocky Mountains.  Chased by demons werewolves and the allies of Gallo, can these folks make a stand?

What follows is an extremely action packed fast paced, page turner of a book.  it has been a long time since a book has gripped me so completely.  The separate threads of the narrative flow seamlessly together, with fully rounded fleshed out characters, yes, there are some clichéd characters, the grizzled ex soldier, the heart and soul Southern black woman, the uber computer programmer, all luckily thrown together.   But, it never reads like a tired cliché, these folks have been chosen by the powers that be to fight for the very souls of humanity.  

Prescott, throw a lot into the mix vampires, thankfully of the truly evil variety, werewolves, nephilim, the Antichrist.  again non of it feels forced, it is credit to john’s writing skill, that this novel reads naturally.  The tension racks up with each page to a huge climatic battle at the end of the novel between our heroes and a group of werewolves.  

There is a lot of biblical references in this novel, and one could argue that there are some similarities between this and the Left Behind series of books, but don’t let that put you off, this is without a doubt first and foremost a horror book.  The biblical references and discussion, help to set the emotional depth of the book.  Something that can be lacking in books of this type.  you do end up caring for the characters, even Gallo, who could so easily have been a one dimensional character is fleshed out into a truly evil and despicable man.  

If I have one criticism it is that of the dialogue of Netti Banks , a black woman from the deep south. Personally I found her dialogue hard to read, what with it being written in her dialogue.  I do believe it is very hard to pull this sort of thing off, don’t get me started on Steve Alten’s Scottish dialect in the Loch.  However, this is a very minor quibble.  

This is a book packed with emotional depth, horror, tragedy, and hope.  With characters you will become attached to, I was often reminded of King’s The Stand and McCammon’s Swan Song, high praise indeed, but one I feel is justified.  The second part of this trilogy cannot come soon enough.

Prey is having a limited release on Black Friday (Nov 26) through darkcontinents.com, before being fully unleashed on the world next April.  I highly recommend getting this now, you will not be disappointed 


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  1. >I'll have to give it a shot. Maybe everyone just notices their own dialect being off, but I don't think many people get a Southern accent right. or understand there are about two dozen "Southern" accents,

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