>Thrall by Steven Shrewsbury Yeah it’s on the way

>“Set in an ancient world, Thrall is gritty, dark-edged heroic fantasy in the vein of Robert E. Howard and David Gemmell.  It tells the story of Gorias La Gaul, an aging warrior who has lived for centuries battling the monstrosities of legend and lore.  It is an age when the Nephilum walk the earth, and dragons still soar through the air … living or undead.  On a journey to find one of his own blood, Gorias’ path crosses with familiar enemies … some of whom not even death can hold bound.” – from a Seventh Star press release.

Really looking forward to this one, Steven Shrewsbury is a hell of an author.  

It is available from Seventh Star Press,  the have a refreshing outlook to limited hard back releases, It cost me £26 for a copy of the limited hardback and a T- Shirt.  

do yourselves a favour and get a copy 


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