>M is For Monster


M is for Monster, “an alphabetical anthology of abominations”, is the first  collection from American author John Prescott. In this book are 26 stories from 26 authors, where each author was given a letter of the alphabet and tasked with writing a short story about a monster based around that letter.  Within these pages is a fine collection of authors, some  more known than others, such as Simon Kurt Unsworth, Rakie Keig and Jonathan Green, to lesser known authors just starting out on  their publishing journey such as Adrian Chamberlin, Ian Woodhead and Zach Black.

I’ve always found reviewing short story collections difficult, mainly because I don’t like to talk to much about the plot in reviews.  I don’t like revealing too many spoilers.  All in all this book is a worthy purchase for anyone who likes short stories.  There is a lot to love about this book, the cover art is top notch and the ratio of hit to miss stories is very high.  There is always an inherent problem with short story collections in that not every story will appeal to every reader, even in a single author collection.  When for the most part a collection is made up of newbies, it becomes that little bit harder to keep the hit rate up.  So it’s all credit to John Prescott, for selecting 26 stories that all right,  do vary in strength, but never dips below a good read.  I’ve read anthologies that have been made up with some big hitting names, which didn’t deliver as good a round up as this book.

If I had a complaint then maybe the editing could have been a bit tighter in places, however you could say that about books published by so called big house publishers.

So what were my favourite stories of this collection,

N – Simon Kurt Unsworth

H – Zach Black

P – Ian Woodhead

W – Adrian Chamberlin

V – Serenity J. Banks

X – John Palisano.

I highly recommend buying this book, there is enough monsters within these pages to satisfy even the most jaded horror fan.  However you may never want to go out for a curry or stop off at a noodle bar again.

Available for purchase here 

( Note for the UK rerader in no way is John Prescott John “Two Jags” Prescott”)


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