>Needle Magazine A Magazine of Noir


Every now and then I like to get away from horror.  When this happens my first port of call is crime fiction.  So  this time I picked up a copy of Needle Magazine.  Not sure why they call it a magazine this is to my linited knowledge of the book world A TPB.  It cost me £13 to buy it and have it shipped to the UK (that’s $20 in funny money).  It seems a bit steep  but £9 of that was shipping  It costs me about £7 to send a book to the US, and that doesn’t include the cost of my time to pack it up and post it.  So even the £9 is pretty reasonable.   NOTE TO  US CUSTOMERS THIS BOOK WILL COST YOU WAY LESS.
So why am I harping on about cost again.  Well this book is published by SHOCK, HORROR, Lulu Press.  Yes I know some of you genre stalwarts are shaking your heads, but take this into consideration it took only SEVEN DAYS, from order being placed, to this book dropping through my letter box.  That is bloody brilliant.  I imagine Lulu don’t have copies of this lying in storage, I imagine they have to print it off.  Put it into perpsective it took almost four times as long for a well known hub of horror to send a TPB sized book to me.  By the way their shipping costs  and the price of  a similar sized TPB was almost triple.  I know who wins out in the customer service department.  
So how good was the book?  The book itself looks great John Horner Jacobs  has done a grand job on the design, and Steve Weedle has done a sterling job as editor, there are 15 stories that deliver what the guys have set out to do.  Which is to quote John Horner Jacobs “It’s gonna be hardboiled.  Lean and mean.  …….  In your face and busting up your kiss – maker”  Highlights of this collection for me anyway were

.44 blues by Kent Gowran  

‘Til Death Do You Part by Dave Zeltserman 

Countdown by Eric Beetner.

After all the mediocre fiction I have been reading of late it was a pleasure to actually read something that delivered more than it promised, I’ve still got volume two to read, and I will most certainly be ordering volume three when it comes out.  


2 thoughts on “>Needle Magazine A Magazine of Noir

  1. >The editing elves at NEEDLE thank you kindly. I'd recommend just about anything by Dave Zeltserman. His latest novel leans more to horror than crime fic, THE CARETAKER OF LORNE FIELD.

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