>Domain of the Dead BY Iain Mckinnon


I really need to do something about my addictive personality.  It has been almost nine months since I swore of reading another zombie novel.  Yet here I find myself with Domain of the Dead read and ready for review.

  So what made me go back to one of the most over worked genres?  Truthfully it was all down to to the author Iain Mckinnon, who I met whilst being an extra for the Dead Beat trailer.  Iain was the writer director, producer for the shoot, he came across as instantly likeable guy with a huge passion for the genre.  He managed to push that button in my head, that gives me excuses to do things I really shouldn’t.  Surely someone with this amount of passion should be able to knock off a decent zombie story?

  In DOTD  Sarah and Nathan have been living in a fortified warehouse with a few other survivors, whilst the rest of the world has succumbed to the zombie horde.  Faced with the the choice of starvation or death by zombie Sarah decides to throw herself of the roof of the warehouse.  As she prepares to jump she notices a a helicopter in the distance.  The survivors battle their way to the helicopter, and discover that it has come from a research ship, The Ishtar, which has been tasked with finding a solution to the zombie problem.  They are taken aboard the ship, only to find that safety is a fragile thing and soon Nathan and Sarah are fighting for their very survival.

  So the question is has Iain written a decent zombie novel?  In all honesty, yes he did.   This is a very tight novel, there are no pages wasted on back story, or the protagonists history.  We are thrown head first in to world over run with zombies, that’s not to say that he hasn’t created fully rounded characters, or a well developed world.  The action and tensions builds nicely as the story progresses, in many ways DOTD, reminded me of James Cameron’s Aliens, while essentially a horror novel this read more like a Sci Fi novel, with  the final chapters reminiscent of the marines battle with the aliens.

  The zombies  are the classic Romero type, which makes for a nice change.  No super fast, dead corpses reanimated by demons zombies here.  These are traditional zombies, for traditional zombie fans. Unlike a lot of zombie novels, DOTD goes into the science of what and how the zombie plague is.  This is handled very well, it never feels like a big info dump, and doesn’t kick you out of the story.  This book was a treat to read right up to the Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid type ending.

So has this book re-lighted any passion for zombies novels?  Probably no,t but it has introduced me to a great new author, whose future novels I will most certainly  pick up.


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