>Dead Beat Filming -Interview with Gavin Brogan

>Hi Gavin, how are things with you?

I’m good, glad to be this side of principal photography. I love the film making process but sometimes on shoot days I’m running a mixture adrenalin and nerves. I love it when its all go but I also really love editing in my bare feet with a can of coke or doing the VFX.

Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

I’m a full time digital media developer. That means I get to spend all day creating video and rich-media for the web. However, at the weekends I dawn my other hat and become a writer/director/vfx guy.

I have been playing with digital cinematography and motion graphics for a couple of years now after being a photography nut. It’s a really exciting time to be into digital cinematography and learning cool stuff all the time. It’s through my love of photography I discovered hybrid HD-DSLRs which we used for the filming of the Dead Beat trailer that can have a really nice cinema look to them.

Can you give us some information on how you and Iain came to work together?

Iain was working on another film for writer, David Moody (author of Hater). I overheard a conversation, stuck my nose in and when Iain said he was looking for a person to do the VFX I offered my services and became the VFX supervisor on that project.

How does working with rank amateurs compare with working with proper actors?

It has it good and bad points. You certainly loose a few shots with people laughing at odd times and they may not be used to being directed so your approach has change a little. Without volunteers though most of these projects wouldn’t happen and it’s great banter and you make some friends. I always feel bad if someone gets cut in editing after giving up their own time but as an editor once said to me…to cut a long story short…

How do the challenges differ on something like Dead beat, compared to those with a higher budget?

Having budget is great. It gives you option to hire gear that would give you more creative freedom. Typically though as it’s not my pennies someone else ends up calling the creative punches. Its awesome to play with big boy toys though.

Can you tell us about any future projects?

I’m currently in pre-production on a short film I started writing a while back. I recently sat down to finish it with a writer friend, Carlo, who is major fun to write with. He’s a massive cinema and comic geek.

It’s a noir thriller set in a Delphic future metropolis, rife with corruption and organized crime, where the cities teddy bears awake and have to overthrow their human oppressors. It’s teddy bears with machine guns.

I am currently looking for digital artists and illustrators to help with the pre-production efforts. If any your readers want to help they should grab me on twitter (http://twitter.com/GavinBrogan).

I am also finish up post production on a documentary about AIDS orphans in Malawi which should be finished and available to watch soon.


Gavin Brogan


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