>Dead Beat Filming -Interview with the Bryan McFluff

>In the second of the Dead Beat Trailer series of posts I interview the director Bryan Mcfluff. He’s the one with the camera.

Hi Bryan, how are things with you?

I’m good man, cheers for asking.

Can you tell us a bit about yourself?
I’m an open book. What you see is what you get. Not much to tell… apart from my obvious love of hiding behind cliches.

I’m a writer/director working with the film collective Irresponsible Pictures (www.irresponsiblepictures.com). My day job is teaching English and Film at a secondary school level.

I love the process of making films. The collective have worked on a few projects together now and regardless of the scale, we always learn something new about our specialist subject – making the most of a finite budget.

Can you give us some information on how you and Iain came to work together?

Strange story. We were both kinda fanboys of the Zombie genre and met up at a meet and greet with George A. Romero at the Edinburgh Film Festival a few years ago. Spanky (Iain) was touting for extras to help him with his first short film, ‘The Dead Walk’ and I kindly offered my services which ended in me flashing my bare bum on camera for him and getting my band at the time, ‘Kinaeda’ to record the music used for the credits. I’m sure we’ve probably still got a myspace page floating about out there somewhere.

How does working with rank amateurs compare with working with proper actors?

Some of the shorthand is missing for sure but to be honest positive, self-assured and motivated ‘amateurs’ are great to work with as they tend to not fear taking risks. My directing style also lends itself quite well to working with the uninitiated, which thinking about it is probably due to my background as a teacher.

Who would you most like to work with?

Evil question. I’d love to have a coffee and a natter with lots of people to pick their brains but working with them… I dunno. I like doing things my own way too much I guess. Inspirations as a director include Christopher Nolan, Darren Aronofsky, Del Toro, Tarantino, Rodriguez, both of the Coppollas, Scorsese and of course, Big Jim Cameron. Actually, I’d be any of those people’s teaboy in a minute.

That said, talent wise I’ve always had a great deal of respect for John Simm, Cillian Murphy, Bill Murray, Chris Evans and Scarlett Johansson.

Which part of the process do you hate the most?

I genuinely don’t hate any of it. Working at the level that I do there is a true collaborative atmosphere on set and by taking the time to carefully plan a shoot I’m able to let my imagination do the work ahead of time.

If I had to pick something I’d say that I still have a sense of panic the evening before filming. Irrational as it is, I always think that a principal member of cast will be injured on their way to the shoot or that we’ll have a catastrophic technical failure as soon as we start filming. It’s a weird ritual but by preparing myself for the worst I’m always ready to work around whatever is thrown at us.

Can you tell us about any future projects?

I’m going to be stepping away from the wonderful world of gore, the undead and all things dark to write/direct a semi-autobiographical story about a group of pre-teenagers trying to make their way home after being given their first taste of freedom. It’s going to take a fair bit of planning and will adopt a biographical filming structure though so it won’t be in the immediate future. I’m sure I’ll make another few shorts between now and then too.

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