>The Vamprire Federation Book 1 : Uprising by Scott G MarianIi


Please don’t runaway, I know, I know another Vampire series. Christ you can’t turn round in a bookshop these days without bumping into the latest Vampire offering.

So what makes this one different, nothing really the basic premise is hardly ground breaking, secret Vampire ruling body, The Vampire Federation due to the rise in technology, sets up the Vampire Intelligence Agency(The VIA), to police and and deal with rogue vampires, who break the three cardinal laws of the modern day vampire.

1. A vampire must never harm a human

2. A vampire must never turn a human

3. A vampire must never love a human

Stop, stop, I can hear your slowly edging towards the door, there is more. To aid and assist the VIA, vampire scientists have developed a number of chemicals. Vambloc, the vampire version of a roofie, once administered the human, becomes unconscious and all memory of the vampire is forgotten. Nosferol an anti vampire poison that causes the vampire to bleed to true death. Solazal, a chemical that allows the vampires to go out in daylight. And a synthetic blood.

Seriously guys if you take one more step towards the door I’m going to lock it and force you to read some Twilight.

Rogue vampire Gabriel Stone declares a war with the VIA, pitted against him are VIA operative Alexandra Bishop, and human Detective Joel Solomon, whose family was slain by vampires eighteen years earlier.

So why should you read this book, if indeed you should? Tired of treading in James Roillins footsteps Scott G. Mariani, author of the Ben Hope novels, such as the Heretics Treasure and The Mozart Conspiracy, has decided to try his luck at a vampire series. I suppose4 it’s slightly better than throwing his hand into the dire zombie genre.

What we get is a classic beach novel, while there is nothing new brought to the table, there is a fast paced, action filled, pulp novel, that keeps you wanting to turn the pages. To be fair it’s better than the majority of Vampire novels published in the last five years. At least these vampires don’t sparkle.

Available at all the usual stockists

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