>Flesh Welder – Ronald Kelly

>Say Hello to the Dr Rourke, a Dr from Ruin Town, a Houston of the future that has been destroyed in some nuclear war. A town that has been over run with rampaging gangs that keep the general population in a state of fear and terror. What’s so great about Dr Rourke? He has the ability to weld flesh, replace lost limbs with those collected from the recently dead. As you can imagine he has become one of the most important persons in Houston, which means he is always in the sights of Jeremiah Payne, the leader of the largest marauding gang in the area.

Flesh Welder is a prime example of what makes a great short story, tense, full of well rounded fleshed out characters and a good plot. In the confines of the short story Kelly has managed to pack in more great ideas and good plotting than many full length novels. Along with a great pay off, of a finale.

Also included in this version is an extensive and excellent interview with Ronald Kelly, conducted by Mark Hickerson, who I led to believe we have to thank for tempting Ronald back to writing horror.

5 OUT OF 5

An excellent short story package


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