>I was a Virgin Until Friday


Got your attention? I mean a camping virgin. On Friday the family and I decided to give camping a go, luckily we went with two other families who are seasoned campers.

We left the house on an alright day in terms of the weather, not particularly sunny,, but at least it was dry and not windy. Two seconds after paying for our pitch, the heavens decided to open, was this an omen for the coming weekend?
Of we drove to pitch up our four man tent, baring in mind the closest I have ever been to a tent was hanging a bed sheet from the chest of drawers to the bed, when I was a kid. Thankfully these new fangled modern tents are a breeze to put up. So there we were tent pitched waiting for the other two families to arrive, in rolls Vicki, with her three kids, in the biggest camper van ever. I say camper van, this was more like New York Hilton on wheels. I wonder who’s going to be ruffing it this weekend. I did say to Amanda if this is hell then the final scene from A Race with The Devil will be reinacted before the end of this trip.
Once the final party arrived it was time to break out the camping essentials namely eight pints of finest Bulmer Cider. Who needs fancy camping stoves and freeze dried food cider, peanuts and crisps will get you through the roughest of nights.
After a pleasant evening, even being eaten alive by midges, it was time for bed. Considering I can’t sleep in strange beds, I managed to get a good nights sleep.
After breakfast we headed of to Glentress, the UK’s number one mountain biking centre. Vicki and her kids are huge mountain biking fans, they go to Gren Tress on a regular basis, myself and Amanda haven’t been on a bike for about 18 years. After a shaky half hour were there may ar may not have been tears involved I finally found my cycling feet. We must have spent a good four hours going around the trails. Ella being to young to cycle was put in a trailer attached to one of the bikes and was hurtled around with the rest of us. When it was time to go back I was so taken with the cycling bug, I decided that Campbell and myself would cycle down from the top of the mountain.
Now Campbell, who loves his bike, has never really cycled any great distance, he normally just cycles around and the house and to and from school, by christ I was amazed at the strength speed and control the boy showed coming down that mountain. I loved being able to finally share one of Campbell’s great pleasures. On the way home we all stopped off for a well deserved chippie.
That night we cracked open the beers again and went to the pub quiz that was being held in the camp sites pub.
Sadly it was time to pack up and go home.
For the first ever camping trip it was an amazing weekend, the kids all got on famously and the adults had a fun time too.
On Monday I went and got a myself a bike, and spent three hours cycling to and around Roslyn Glen, with Campbell, we had a great time, especially when he beat me in a race, and I mean he beat me, I did not let him win, in fact I was determined to beat him. what made it worse was was the fact I was on a fancy bike with more gears than I know what to do with, and he was on his kids bike with no gears, that weighs more than a tank.
With any luck he will have a new bike next week and Amanda will have one as well, so we can all go out for cycling trips.
that was one of the best weekends I have ever had.

One thought on “>I was a Virgin Until Friday

  1. >Very cool.Campings been on my mind of late, too. I don't like camping much but I really ought to get out there for the kids sake.Glad your trip turned out tops.

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