>The Boy Does it Again


So it was Campbell’s parents evening last night. Something I dread, not because of what I’m going to hear, but for the chance I’ll bump into his head teacher. This is a woman, who must be said has done nothing untoward me or the boy, yet somehow manages to put the fear of God into me. She can smell fear, she always singles me out to talk to. I think she does it deliberately, using her power for evil. Faced with a choice of a meeting with her or being locked in a cage with hungry lions, then I’ll take the lion any day.


It was great to look through Campbell’s story book, just seeing how his writing has improved over the last six months was fantastic. His teacher Mrs Devine, was full of praise for the boy. Bright intelligent, caring, full of knowledge, always willing to take part, attentive, helpful, and a good listener. As a parent you always wonder how others perceive your children, so when you here such a glowing report, it does bring a tear to your eye.


On the way out the kids had put on an art exhibition, which Amanda and her Fund raising cronies had framed. So did I get a discount on the picture of Campbells I had to buy? No in fact I had to pay a 66% surcharge over the initial cost, just to make sure enough money was raised. No such surcharge was mentioned until it was revealed that I was paying. I think I need to contact Rogue Traders on this one

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