>33 AD By David Mcafee

>33 A.d. the debit novel from David Mcafee, posses the question, who was really behind the freeing of Barabbas over that of Jesus. However don’t expect A Dan brown clone here, what you get is a blood soaked tale tale of Vampires, Roman assassins, and with a bit of political intrigue thrown in. This hugely enjoyable book, set in the final days of Jesus life, introduces a new breed of vampires more akin to a Mafia clan, than the puny watered down vampires we are sadly becoming accustomed to.

The newly appointed head enforcer Theron has been given a task, brutally slay the new Rabbi Jesus and blame it on the zealots. A simple enough task for one so powerful as Theron, and one in which he can’t fail, for the punishments handed out by the vampires are harsh and perversely cruel. However he has not counted on the strength of the young Rabbis faith and the bull dog determination of a Roman Legionnaire Taras, who is much more than the humble soldier he first seems to be. Taras becomes quite the thorn in the side for Theron, dogging him at every turn. What should have been a simple assassination, quickly becomes a disaster of biblical proportions.
This was a truly enjoyable read, Mcafee has crafted a well written, faced paced, and well plotted tale. His take on Vampires and Vampire society is well thought and a refreshing change to what passes for Vampire stories these days. The story, while bloody with some well describe fight scenes still ,manages to be thought provoking and intelligent. The story hasn’t been filled with gratuitous scenes of sex and violence, something which sadly is becoming the norm for horror stories these days. The concept of faith and how it effects the vampires is a stroke of genius. It’s hard to believe that this is his first novel, he has a strong, confident style of writing.
The last time I enjoyed a vampire tale this much was the original Necroscope series.

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