>Silver by Steven Savile

>With Silver, we welcome another author into the world where Dan Brown and James Rollins are seen to rule as Kings. They had better watch out, if they don’t pick up their gamer they are about to be dethroned.

The story concerns the true story of Judas and what became of the 30 pieces of silver. Starting with the simultaneous death of 13 martyrs across the world. The Ogmios team are thrown into a race to discover the truth behind these deaths. What follows is an extremely well paced, well written story, that manages to build a detailed world where all the main characters are well fleshed out. One main problems of this type of novel is the information dump. Sometimes you think enough already, not once did this feeling arise when reading Silver. The story and the conspiracy are revealed with deft hand, never once sacrificing the story telling for the sake of a reveal.

The story of a conspiracy to hide the truth as old as Christianity may seem like familiar ground. Yet Steven has produced a novel that is infinity more gratifying and well written than anything Mr Brown and Rollins have given us. There are no one dimensional characters, who can do no wrong. The heroes of this book make mistakes and have to live with the consequences. With other novels of this type you rarely get any feeling that any of the characters are in any danger at all, they sometimes seem more bullet proof than the A Team. Not here Savile has managed to portray the tension and sense of danger faced by the operatives, so much so that sometimes you think they are done for.
There is not much more that can be said about the story itself as it would give too much away, safe to say the ending will leave you shocked and hungry for the sequel. There are spies, secret meetings, action, gun play, mad crazy zealots, and almost every other staple of this genre, with every one of them handled so well they come across as a fresh new idea. Too many of these books have a strong American fell to them, even when written by a Brit. There is a strong sense of classic British espionage novels running throughout this novel, which is a credit to Savile’s writing skills.
If you enjoy this type of novel, then you need to go and read this, it really is one of the best.

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