>Nessie Tried to Pimp My Wife

>Tabloid Terrors #2, from here on in known as TT2, a collection of eight short stories by such luminaries as Jerrod Balzer, Garry Charles, Steve Vernon and some guy called S.D. Hintz.

We’ll get the disclaimer out of the way first, if you are in any way prudish, sensitive or possessed of any sexual morales then stay away from this book. If like me, however, you like perverted, funny and memorable stories then this is the book for you.
Luckily for Balzer his tale of Nessie sex is well written and gross out funny otherwise this Scotsman, would be mighty pissed at someone poking fun at our true national treasure. The other highlights for me were Garry Charles tale, and S.D’s tale.
This was a fun book to read even if it did leave me feeling a bit dirty and in need of a shower, it’s also a great book to read on public transport, the stares from old women are worth the price alone.
On a side note Skullvines Press who published this book were a pleasure to deal with. I know there is a lot of ill feeling among the horror community, towards small press publishing. But these guys were professional, with an outstanding turn around time from placing my order to receiving it. Their shipping rates are fantastic, I’ve all but stopped buying books from the States as the Shipping charges, especially those from one horror site are so high it’s just not worthwhile. It cost them around £6 to have this and its sequel sent to my door. It has cost me upwards of £18 for one book of this size to be delivered from the States.
Skullvines press can be found here

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