>The Great Porridge Oats debacle

>During a trip to the annual German Fair at Princess Street Gardens, which was great by the way. It really puts you in a Christmas mood being there (yes Amanda, somethings do put me in a Christmas mood). We stopped off at a converted double decker bus, that was there to help promote the lesser known parts of Scotland. No bad thing in my book as there are loads of places, that in my opinion give a representation of Scotland than Edinburgh. As a parting gift they were giving out free samples of porridge oats to cook at home. Porridge oats that were made, packaged and distributed by an English company. Before any calls of English bashing, let it be known I like the English, christ I’m living with one. ( Yes Amanda you are.) My problem is if there is one food stuff that we as a nation produce its bloody porridge oats, and for a company that is supposed to promote Scotland, could you not have just nipped over to Uthrogle Mills in Cupar home of Scott’s Porridge oats.


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