>My Son Will get me shot one day

>At least that’s what the Sargent Major told me on Saturday.

While out on one of out boys own walks no girls allowed cause we go hardcore, you know the score. We came across a squad of new recruit soldiers out on a running exercise in full military gear. It looked as though they were doing a 2k run, not that far. So of they set on the course with NCO’s lining the route, one the way back a lone soldier is way out in the lead and Campbell shouts “look at him daddy he winning he is a good runner”, fair enough I can live with that. Then as more and more of them passd us Campbell becomes more and more critical of their performance until the guy in last place passes us. ” Look at him dad he’s not very good is he, he’s been beaten by two girls, I can run faster than him” at which point Campbell decides to run and over take him. While Ca\mpbell is rubbing the guts nose in it, he is also beign given a pep talk in true Sargent major style, “get your ass in gear laddie” type stuff.

I’m trying to get Campbell to stop insulting this armed soldier, once ther ppor guy finaslly strats running again the sargent turns to me and says “that boy will probably get you shot one of those days, but like his style”

So if I ever disappear you know why, some squadie has gone postal and shot me all becsasue my son doesn’t have an off switch.


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